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Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Adplify Elite One Time


Adplify Elite One Time 

Start your highly profitable Facebook ADS agency today

Help epidemic-free local businesses find more targeted leads and clients online using Facebook

Earnings by helping thousands of frustrated

Business with Facebook ads

Every business is looking online for customers, including Physical Retail Dead

  • Physical retail sales decline this year. Physical retail sales have dropped 60% this year and many retail brand stores are closed.
  • The share of digital advertising in total advertising. Digital advertising is now the preferred medium for every advertiser to reach their customers
  • Increased growth in Amazon's revenue. Amazon has logged a significant 40% growth in sales revenue since the Covid-19 epidemic post.
  • Online grocery sales have increased. Online grocery sales have already increased by 30%.
  • There has been growth in e-commerce sales this year. Even in a depressed market there is a 20% jump in e-commerce sales.
  • Small businesses want to do more marketing online
  • Every small business is trying to find online and you have the opportunity to help them and charge for it.
  • Assist and pay business with traffic. A traffic suit 7 powerful tools
  • PageWatcher: Track ads for their competition. Track ads directly from the pages of all your competitors, gurus or anyone else. You will be notified whenever they publish an ad.
  • Find out what your competition or favorite marketer is and stay ahead of the trends.
  • There is no other advertising library filled with irrelevant and old ads. PageWatcher always gives you the latest information.
  • Limited Time Offer #1

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Tuesday, January 19, 2021

BanrAds Pro Agency

BanrAds Pro Agency

Create high-in-demand clickable animated designs per minute with customizable templates

Let's get briefly what you get

You will find all below ...

  • Clean the dashboard with Ve overall analysis (projects, views and click counters) and welcome videos
  • Easy standard and animated image design Easy image drag and drop editor for animation
  • Distribution 6 different formats for each distribution purpose, HTML 5 code, JPG / JPG, transparent PNG, animated GIF, PDF document, MP4 video export design
  • Hundreds of templates in various niches / sections for quick quick image animation production
  • Social Proset social media design sizes for each social media platform, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr
  • Used Price banner design size for most used website banner sizes
  • Preset Printable Design Size for Physical Banners
  • Any custom width and height for any project
  • Design 150 design effects for many creative designs
  • Attention grab design for design & 24 transfer types and animation effects
  • Personal Stable and animated EMOJI for that personal touch
  • Color / gradient / pattern background for professional look and feel
  • Any text with 300+ fonts popular with all brands
  • M 2 million + stock images merged with search activity to serve a niche
  • Creative Shapes and Hands Free Drawing for Creative Minds
  • Easy full screen mode for easy editing
  • Must be soft for dark / light mode eye
  • Easy image import (in separate folder)
  • Amazing banner file properties (including title, author, organization, tags) for amazing tracking
  • Access to the exclusive BannerAds Facebook Group for Like Minded Entrepreneurs
  • 90 minutes of professional training in R BannerAds design editor and other features

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Saturday, January 9, 2021

AvatarBuilder Commercial (Unlimited)

AvatarBuilder Commercial (Unlimited)

Leverage cutting-edge 3D animation, artificial intelligence

& To create award-winning multilingual technology

Spectacular video in any language in minutes!

Get AvatarBuilder now

  • Creates smart visuals with artificial intelligence to transform any text into stunning videos.
  • Creator of the world's first visual custom 3D avatar for effortless video creation.
  • There are thousands of video templates for you for total automation.
  • Open-canvas video maker for custom videos from scratch.
  • Text-to-speech prizes with hundreds of voices in all popular languages   and accents
  • Perfect speech-to-text transcription to convert any audio to text for multilingual videos.
  • Next-Generation Logo Mapping in Brand 3D Avatars and Boost Crestability / Sales.
  • Millions of copyright free images, videos and music resources to spice up your videos!
  • Ability to add watercolors to your videos to protect your work and charge more.
  • HD 720p video to WOW your audience
  • Unlimited Unlimited Video Render!

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