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Saturday, March 5, 2022



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Tuesday, November 30, 2021

The best way of Get Paid $0 48 Every 60 Seconds (BRAND NEW METHOD) Make Money Online 2022!


48 cents every 60 seconds on autopilot. Guys, this is a brand-new strategy for you. I've never talked about these websites ever before on this article. Guys, this is brand new for 2022.I'm going to show you exactly how you're going to make 48 cents every 10 minutes over. And over again on autopilot. Anybody in the world can do this is worldwide, and it's absolutely free, this is perfect for beginners to intermediate marketers or even experts. This is something you've never seen before guys incredible video I'm super pumped about this, I found this the other day. And I wanted to share it with you. Guys the website you need to go to is WWW dot hey guys Victoria this here and on this article on how to make money online on the daily.

And I do that, consistently 100 percent of the time other than the times that I'm not doing it because that's about 46 of the time. I'm either eating steaks drinking beer taking the wife out watching wrestling, going to the settings you know. You know the drill so that's what you're looking for a place where you can learn how to make money online then go ahead and hit that subscribe button right now and annihilate that notification bell. So I can send you an update and a notification whenever I come out with new content. So you don't miss any of the magic and as always stay to the end of this article. I've got a huge bonus for you. I'm going to show you another way that you can start making money online right from the comfort of your own home all right let's head right into this article all right Guys before. We jump into this amazing write. Okay, I want to show you the impact of how much money you can make with this strategy and what these websites.

I'm about to introduce to you. So you can potentially make 48 cents every 60 seconds every minute right now that's not a lot of money. But if you think about it if you take one minute how many minutes are there in an hour they're 60 minutes. So if I go to 48 cents times 16 that's every minute times. 60 minutes in an hour. You're making almost 29 an hour now. Since this is going to be on autopilotnand since this is going to be, you set it up and then. You just kind of let it do its thing. Let it work, there are 24 hours in a day. You have 28 dollars times 24 hours in a day that could potentially make. You're almost 700 dollars in a day now not everybody's going to make this kind of money okay. Um i wanna i want to put the disclaimer out there it's all about the work. You put in, and it's all about taking action now. If you're not going to take action with this article you're not going to make any money, guys. So this is an incredible strategy, an incredible opportunity that works worldwide.

It's absolutely free anybody can do this, you don't need any skill. You don't need any special training. You don't need a big list. Likewise, you don't need a social media following, you don't need any of this stuff for this to work. Okay so I want I just want to your know impress upon you the magnitude of what potentially could go on here with this strategy all right now let's go straight into the first website all right before I tell you the name of this website again this is not a website. I've ever shared with anybody on my article ever before, okay. This is an industry leader in the affiliate marketing space, maintaining an impressive track record of success and publisher satisfaction is in 2013.

All right they have a full support staff, all right they've got a dedicated payment team. And you can go global directly, fast payments and the best tools and technology. This has been around for almost 10 years, guys. And again, this is the first time I've talked about it. But this is a game changer for me all right now what is the name of the website. If you're enjoying the content of this Article so far, then don't forget to give me a big thumbs up and also down in the comment section.

Tell me what country you're from. I want to know where country you're from. So I can create even more article on how to make money online that work in your area. All right let's head back into this article, well the name of the website is called cpagrip.com all right. And what you're going to do is you're going to go into register, Right here now follow along because there's an important step in the registration process that a lot of people miss and that's why they don't make any money with this website. So just stick with me guys all right. You're going to click the registration button all right. It's checking your browser yes you're a new member you're going to go ahead and fill in all the information here it's self-explanatory right. And then here's the significant part, guys. This is the super sensitive underground hack that a lot of people miss, okay.

I'm going to share that with you right now. Where it says publisher type right here most people you start putting email search what is this GPT this is what people miss. Because they don't know what it means get paid too once. You start filling out this registration form, make sure. You put get paid to all right and then where it says where do you hear about us go ahead and put the uh on article you can even put my name. It'll give you a little more credibility right but make sure. You click on GPT get paid to, then you're going to go ahead and log in. I have an account already, i'm going to go ahead and log in my account right here. And this is what your dashboard is going to look like, all right. And as you can see there are people already making money every day 14.72 today 22.83 this person right here has earned all time of 71 000 that's incredible 20. 9.74 says 12 12. I mean, there are all kinds of testimonials here. And people that are actively doing this that are making money. I'm going to show you exactly what they're doing and how you can do it with no audience. And it's all free. And I'm going to show you exactly a free traffic source.

How you're going to be able to get eyeballs onto your link and start making that 48 cents every 60 seconds. Guys it's going to blow your mind okay. So what, you're going to do is, you're going to go once you registered. And you've logged in you're going to go to this offer tools button right here, click on that. You're going to click on my offers, another key step is switch it over to the United States right here. Click on the United States and that's where these offers are going to start coming up now. You're going to see some installation offers to mobile install an app or whatever. But that's not what we're looking for is this right here email zip submit okay. There's several of these offers like that. Now you can pick any offer you want but let me give you an idea of how this works. So when somebody comes over here to this offer, for instance this offer. I'm going to click on this right here, okay. And they enter they answer a couple questions, and they enter their email address all right.

You are going to get paid two dollars and uh 31 cents right here, 2.31 cents and on average. If you see the 7.18 percent right here, that means 7.18 percent of the people that click on that link are going to move forward and give their information. So you're going to get be getting paid on at least seven percent of the people that click on that link, all right. And again this is not to buy anything. This is just because they're giving their in their email address using your link and that's. How you're going to get paid,, so the question is okay. So what do I do to get people to click on the link where do. I get the traffic, well that's the second part all right. So what I want you to do is, I want you to click on I'm going to use this uh play station free play station 5 right here all right free play session five. I want you to click on this link. I'm going to copy this link right here, all right. Likewise, I'm going to exit out of here, copy the link exit out of here. And I want you to go to a website called bitly.com.

You can create a free account all this stuff is free, guys, okay. This is my Bitly account, I'm going to create a smaller link for this to make it look better. I'm going to hit paste. And I'm going to hit create right. It's going to create it and there. It is, it's a much better looking link now. I can actually customize this right. So I can go ahead and hit the backspace and say free, PlayStation free PlayStation okay. And then I'm going to save that oh somebody's already got it all right. I'm going to add some numbers, I'm going to just uh 8066 right uh hit save. Boom there it is now I've got a much better customized link that looks so much easier and so much friendlier to click on. And it even tells the people who are looking at clicking on the link exactly what it's for is to win a free PlayStation right all right. So I'm going to copy this link right. There I've copied it, I'm going to save it and now.

We go on to the next and final step. And this is what's going to blow your mind. Guys how you're going to get this free traffic to this link, check this out. I want you to go to the website called forums.gamer, okay. So we're looking for gamers. And you know because you're giving away a PlayStation. So this is a perfect website to access for people who are interested in playing pc games and playing games online right. And I want you to click on register right here this is also free click on register. And you could enter your all your information, or what I choose to do is to log in with my Google account. So I'm going to do that, you just click on your Google account. It's much faster all right, I'm going to fast-forward so that we can get to the login part all right once. You've um once you've created your Google account. And you've registered with your current email address, as you can see mine is there. And you're going to create a name. I'm going to put cyber Vic okay. And then I'm going to agree to the terms and service, I'm going to click register right here.

Pretty simple right, so the very next step is to click on your profile right here. This is mine okay and I want to go to account details right here. All right, this is super important guys, so just pay attention here okay now in the body about me page which is basically like your signature. You're going to go back to that Bitly link that you created which is this one right here, all right. I'm going to go ahead and copy it right again, copied all right. And I'm going to place it right here in the body of this signature area right,, but that's not the only thing. I'm going to put you need to put things you need to put, something like when a free play station 5 just in time for Christmas right. Then all you're going to do is safe that and then the next step is you're going to go to trending right here, click on this trending button all right these are all the trending conversations and topics that are going on right now like what's. Your favorite pc puzzle game um and like this one here what's your best shooting pc game you can click on that. And basically you're just going to engage with the know the post and as you can see every one of these posts has something to click on just like yours is going to have something to click on okay what you want to do is find the trending topics and the trending threads.

And start engaging in those topics and then of course your link will also show up in your post and the eyeballs that you're getting from this pc gamer website can be thousands and thousands of eyeballs clicking on your link potentially okay. This is where you're going to get the free traffic guy's incredible and remember once they click on the link go to CPA grip. You're going to be getting paid was it 2.31 cents okay every time somebody enters their email address. And you are giving away a free PS5 now, really unbelievable way to start making some money online absolutely free. And you don't need any experience now. If you're interested in learning exactly what I'm doing to create a full-time business and income online, a fully sustainable business and a passive income, a passive income meaning. It's making me money even while I'm asleep or out at the beach on vacation with my family and friends or off to that exotic island that. I've always wanted to enjoy okay it's still making me money there's still new money going into my account, that's the beauty of a passive income. If you're interested in learning how I do that, there's going to be a link down in the description of this article.

If you are ready to walk through that door of opportunity that's right in front of you right now. This could potentially change your life, guys and remember. It's time to invest in your business, and it's time to invest in yourself

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Saturday, November 20, 2021

Earn $11,000 a Month With No Skills & Zero Cost (Affiliate Marketing For Beginners)

Do you want to know a really easy way to make money online, as a complete beginner with a zero cost. well on this video today i'm going to show you how i've made hundreds of dollars. and in fact thousands of dollars utilizing this strategy. but let me just quickly refresh this for you to show you that this is a hundred percent legit. and i use these strategies and others to make this money on platforms like jvzoo, clickbank & digistore24. i'm going to show you a bonus strategy where you can make as much as ten thousand dollars with instant traffic. 

so make sure you stay to the end to see what exactly what that is so today. as a complete beginner i know you don't have time to waste. and  you want to make your first sale. and i want to help you do it. so you're probably thinking what is live journal. live journal is an online community a social network a place where you can go.

and express yourself post different things have links on there. and i want to show you exactly how you can do that in this environment. so all you need to do is come over here. and you can post different journals. but i want to show you how to do this really easily where you can get this journal put your link.

in there so you can start to make money online as a complete beginner. and people are doing this on this platform every single day so all you need to do is come over to this site. and don't worry i'm going to walk you through this step by step okay come over here. and click onto these join free button over here. and once you do that it's going to bring you over to a page that looks like this enter in your username your email address your password complete your details over here. 

and create an account once you've created that account it's going to bring you over to a page that looks like this as you can see mine's abbreviated to smart money tactics okay. and then you're going to be able to come over here. and see what other people are doing before i show you exactly what you can do here. and how others are doing this you need to get a product that you can promote. and one site that i use is obviously clickbank.com you can do this with digistore24 like you saw i've already done this with jvzoo or you can use clickbank as well and what you want to do when you're on clickbank. 

and after you create an account is you want to  come over to their marketplace over here. and once you come over to their marketplace. you can see all these different categories over here. and you can do this in so many different niches. if you come over here guys you can do this with business and investing make money online affiliate marketing if you scroll down here you can do this with green products you can do it with health and fitness if you click onto health and fitness for example i'll show you some examples of people doing this with okinawa flat belly tonic there are some people doing it with custom keto diet. carbo fix over here so many people are doing it with so many of these different niches. 

and if you minimize this and come down here guys there's also people doing this in the spirituality nation as well this nation is huge and people a lot of people make their first dollar online with this niche so if you come over here and click onto gravity over here you're gonna find products over here like soul manifestation over here. you're gonna find this one over here called Click here details you've also got this other one over here called the binary code and as you can see. you can make 22.50 with this product if you come over here you can see. 

you can make 13 with this one if you scroll down here the binary code is fifty three dollars per sale over here you've got this one which is twenty seven dollars another good one is this one minus manifestation at forty four dollars. i'll show you how to promote multiple ones of these so let's say you wanted to do the binary code for example you'd come over here you click on to promote once you click on to promote you click on to generate hype links. 

and you want to come over here. and you want to copy this link over here. but i'll show you how you can promote multiple of these products then all. you need to do is minimize this now once you have created an account for yourself. on this blog what happens is you can come over here and in this search box over here very easily for example you can search for things like soul manifestation like i have ovc soul manifestation review all. you need to do is type in soul manifestation review and once you click onto that. and hit search what's going to happen is it's going to show you already people that are doing this okay. so you come over you can see here's one review. we can open that over here here's another one. you can open over here and scroll down. 

and you can have a look at what other people are doing as well. and i want to show you how they're doing it so you can pretty much just copy what they're doing you can start to gettraffic as well. and you can start to make money online with this strategy very very quickly okay so open up a few of these guys now if you come over here. what i've done is i've also come over here as you can see okinawa flat belly tonic i've searched. for that so you can open up a few of these as well just to have a look so you can see that people are executing this strategy. and they are making money online with this. and here's another one over here. guys i custom keto diet as well reviews open up all these and take a look at it. and now once you open these up what's going to happen is. it's going to take you over to a page that looks like this. 

and as you can see some people are putting in videos this is okinawa flat belly tonic review you can also put article on here as well from this article if you wanted to people as you can see are using their bitly link. but i'm going to show you how you can get this review without even writing it very very quickly. and just putting it in here and as you can see people are putting in their tags. and they're uploading this so from here once you go through. 

and you take a look at all these different reviews here's one from soul manifestation over here okay once you have a look. and see what these people are doing what you need to do from thereis you need to create your own review or you need to create your very own article over here. and in order to do that all you need to do is come over to where it says post new entry. and once you click on to post new entry over here it's going to bring you over to a page that looks like this. and as you can see guys over here you enter the title then over here you're going to enter your transcript now i want you to pay close attention. because i'm going to show you how to do this without having to create your own article. now we know that product that we picked over here. 

as you can see here it's the binary code it's in manifestation, okay, it's with the spirituality niche it's with astrology all that type of stuff so what you want to do is you want to come over to a site click here details or what you can do is you can also come over to a site called plrplr.com these two sites have free articles that. you can get and share on these different sites where people can come over there.and read these absolutely for free they're royalty free. and you can do this with astrology numerology spirituality manifestation etc so plrpl.com is one of them. and the other one over here is this click here details

now all you need to do is you can see.you've got all these different articles over here that. you can choose from or what you can do is you can come over here. and you can very easily type in manifestation for example and once you type in manifestation. you can search for anything over here if you can't see it over here in article categories. and all you need to do is click on to search and once you click on to search take a look at this there's 59 502 articles which means you can put up so many different articles sometimes your articles might get three or four views sometimes your articles will get thousands of views it just depends. 

okay, so you need to you know stay consistent with any strategy so what you want to do from here guys is you want to scroll down. and you want to find an article that you're happy to use with this particular product that you promote and as you can see when you start off over here sometimes the first article would be from 2008 all you need to do is scroll down. and if you want an article that's you know a article that was written recently for example as early as 2018 sometimes you'll find ones that were written in 2019 & 2020 etc just scroll down. 

and have a look for those here's one over he says create your life through the power of manifestations this one looks pretty good and if you click onto this guys all you need to do. is come over to you and as you can see here's this article over here all you basically need to do with this article.

now very easily is copy this entire article so you just come over here. and copy this article over here so scroll down all the way down to the bottom overhere as you can see go to here and then right mouse click and copy this article then from there all you need to do very easily is come back over to this site over here and paste that article in here as you can see. 

this entire article has now been copied in here i'm going to show you how to get rid of these links. the other thing that you can do is just come back over to you guys and just copy this title over so create your life through the power of manifestation. and then very easily come back over to here and paste  that article in here now from here. we need to put in a call to action so that we can get sales with our product. i'll show you how to do that and how you can potentially promote multiple products, okay so the first thing that you want to do is you want to scroll over. and see how this has a link over here you want to highlight this okay, you can click on to link over here. and you can delete these links that have been put in here that lead to other things because what.

we're not we're not looking to you know promote somebody else's product or anything like that you can very easily get rid of this for example, okay, so as you can see he says you can find related info topics how to manifest reality that you can call your own. so you can maybe change that to let's just remove this over here. and you  can just change this to click here. 

and learn how you can make all your dreams come true, okay what you can do guys as well is we're going to come over we're going to paste the link in there but what you can do is you can come over to this product. over here that we're looking to promote this binary code and you can come over and you can click onto the product over here. and what that's going to do is it's going to bring you over to the product ovc you can have a look at it you can get a lot of inspiration a lot of ideas of what you can write from their sales page okay. and then let's just minimize that then you can come over to here okay. so we're going to put that link in there.

and you can also come over here we can copy this now over here. we can get this and then what you want to do is you want to put this over here at the front as well okay. so you just want to come over here and you want to paste that in there for example okay now when you highlight these guys you've got the option of making this bald you've got the option of making italic as well okay. and we're going to paste the link in there, so what you want to do from here we've obviously got that link over here that we're going to be promoting from clickbank. so we're going to click on to print we're going to get this again. 

so we're going to generate this hop link we're going to copy this one of the best ways to do this, guys is to use a site called link tr dot double a this is a site where you can promote multiple products. okay, so they click onto one link. and they're going to be able to see multiple products if we all you need to do is come over here. and create an account for yourself this is the back office of mine over here. now i've just grayed out my other products that i'm promoting. so i can show you how to do this. and all you need to do is you come over here very very easily. and you click on to add new link. and once you click on to add new link all you need to do over.

here is you're going to paste that url that clickbank url. and then over here okay you can put in the binary code okay.and then basically what you want to dofrom there is you want to come down here. and you can add another link so you come over here you gotta add new link okay. what's going to happen it's going to pre-populate another link, then you can come back over to clickbank over here. guys and you can get another one over here. you can come over here. and you get midas manifestation. so you click on topromote over here. 

you generate this hop link over here you click on to copy okay. so we can do two okay, so midas manifestation. you come over here you paste this url in here okay and then over here you just put in midas manifestation okay, and then all you need to do is leave that refresh this once this refreshes over here just make sure. you don't have any spelling mistakes um obviously i'm doing this very quickly. so i might have something there so you come over here click on to share. and you copy my link tree url. so 
you copy your own. and then what you do is you very easily come back over to this article over here guys. and all you need to do is highlight where you're going to be putting these links. 

okay and you click onto this link chain over here and you paste that link tree in there okay, and once you do that hit enter now this has become a link all you need to do is scroll down over here okay. and find where else you are going to place this link so you come over here add that in there we're going to click on bold. and click onto i will come over here to link very easily.

we're going to copy that in there. we're going to hit enter and then if you want you can always add it to the bottom as well okay, so you just copy that come over to paste that in there now very very important what, you want to do when you come over to here is you want to let people know that there are affiliate links inside this article. okay, so okay, so all you need to do is type in something like this affiliate links if you purchase anything from one of my links in this article i may receive a small commission you can leave that like that so that they know that if they click onto any one of these different links if they purchase something you may receive a commission from this now from here. 

guys all you need to do over here is type in some tags, okay now with the tags very easy over here obviously all you need to do is come over here and type in something like manifestation okay, from there you can type in something like astrology because people love all this type of stuff, manifest okay, so once you type those in all you need to use it to comma and that will obviously break them up. and you can put as many tags as you want over here you need to make sure that you click onto visible to all and then obviously all.

you need to do is come over hit this drop down box tune in and publish and then come over here and hit the publish button and once you've hit that publish button what's going to happen with this article guys it's going to take a couple of minutes to get indexed and then this is going to be published over here onto this site and it's going to be shown on the first page people can start to follow you as well and once they do that. and they click onto it you stand a very good chance to make some good money

online i highly recommend that you use linktree over here. guys because it allows you to promote some really good products multiple products. so that you can make even more money online. now i told you at the start of this article that. i was going to show you a way that you can make even more money online instant traffic absolutely for free. and this is how you're going to do it by clicking onto this article right now it's a full article. 

i'll go through everything step by step to help you get started online it's a free strategy it's in full detail, in the meantime you stay safe take care of yourself and i'll see you on the next.

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